The Team

We’re a small crew, tightly knitted, focussed. A machine that works creatively in sync to see your vision come to life. We bounce with you, because the best solutions come through collaboration. Let’s do this and do it together.

Caleb Kingi (Machete)

DP/Photographer/Conceptual Thinker

Caleb is a Māori boy from Aotearoa, New Zealand. He’s a filmmaker/cinematographer based in Whanganui who travels all over the country shooting for a range of government organisations, SMEs, NGOs, brands and individuals.

Jeremy Cooper

Senior Editor

Jeremy Cooper studied at the School of Design as well in Whanganui and is our go-to editor smashing out edits for our dear clients. He’s always super focussed on getting stories with just the right balance of story, heart and visuals. He’s proficient in most applications but mainly uses Premiere for all of our video content.

Abby Kingi

Project Coordinator/Accounts

Abby is our amazing communication and project manager who liaises with the friends (clients) we work for. She makes sure all projects flow from beginning to end and puts all the pieces in place. From booking locations, talent, crew, gear and everything in between. Without her, we would explode like an atomic bomb.

Patrick Monoghan

Reinforcements/cam assist/director/lighting

Paddy is our go-to guy when we need extra hands on set. He has an amazing eye for the little things and is one of the most creative guys we know. We always love being able to rope this guy in on any projects we can. Friends for life.

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