Fly Palmy

Client: Blacksheepdesign

Well this one was super fun! We got to hang and film with the girls from the Pulse Netball team doing their thing in a weird kinda way. The flock from Blacksheepdesign put an awesome story together of Pulse Netball and the Fly Palmy staff battling it out at the Palmerston North Airport. It was fast, run and gun, challenging but stacks of laughs and heaps of fun. This was used as a social campaign on the Fly Palmy social sites.




First contact was made with Regan Thompson and Kylan from the flock at Blacksheepdesign. We nutted out some story elements, shotlist and put in detail the scenes needed to execute the story. Time was super limited to capture this because we only had the team for a small, limited amount of time. Not to mention that we were in an actual full-on functioning airport. We had the amazing Michelle Jurgens to keep things moving quick and fast, and together we made it happen. Patrick and Caleb were totally in sync smashing all the shots with Jeremy providing backup support. All and all it worked seamlessly, and we made some pretty fit and tall friends.


Producer: Fly Palmy
Client: Blacksheepdesign
Project Coordinator: Michelle Jurgins
Story: Blacksheepdesign, Kylan, Regan Thompson
Director: Paddy Monoghan
DP/Camera: Caleb Kingi
Editor: Caleb Kingi
Sound Design: Jeremy Cooper

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