Video is becoming the most consumed thing on the internet, and that means great things for businesses that use video already, or are looking to include it in their marketing strategy. Video is one of the most cost effective investments you can make in marketing your products and building your brand.

Let’s look at 4 powerful reasons video can enhance your brand and marketing.

1) Video increases retention

Video engages viewers much faster than traditional marketing. It requires a lot less effort on the viewer to engage with. This makes it far easier for a viewer to keep their attention on your message, and hold onto an idea.

[testimonial_slider style=”default”][testimonial title=”Testimonial” tab_id=”1455763346858-6″ name=”Chris Trimble” subtitle=”The Guardian” quote=”By 2017, video will account for 69% of all consumer internet traffic, according to Cisco. Video-on-demand traffic alone will have almost trebled. Leafing through a swathe of statistics on the subject, I’m hard pressed to find any indicator that doesn’t suggest rapid growth. With online video quickly becoming a key means for people to satisfy their information and entertainment needs, small businesses that fail to include it in their internet marketing strategies will do so at their peril.” id=”1455763562070-8″] Click the edit button to add your testimonial. [/testimonial][/testimonial_slider]

Most of your viewers will likely view your video on a mobile device. One recent video we posted on Facebook saw over 80% of the views come from mobile once we boosted it. Most people viewed our video on their smartphone, which has little distraction, and easier engagement.

Video gives you an engaging reach into millions of devices that typically would result in lower retention rates when using other methods.

Video is everywhere, and its role in advertising is growing by the day. For example, Youtube has become the largest video server in the world. It is now available to Melissa the lawyer, Dan the plumber and Charlie the 12 year old lemonade store owner down the road, to present their content to the world. Youtube users upload over 40 hours of video every minute, which is at least 58,000 hours of video uploaded every single day. The popularity of video is undeniably on the rise.

[testimonial_slider style=”default”][testimonial title=”Testimonial” tab_id=”1455763346858-6″ name=”Richard Tiland” quote=”Video is beyond entertainment. It has become a critical component in business, politics, communication, social media and even in music. We need video to market and sell products, promote new ideas and share beliefs.” id=”1455763762153-10″] Click the edit button to add your testimonial. [/testimonial][/testimonial_slider]

Video marketing is now a necessity, not an option, to communicate your message effectively. It’s an investment that brings great return when done well.

2) Video Builds Trust

Any advertising campaign is fruitless if there is no trust in the brand or product. Video is a great way to build trust in your brand, with minimal investment in advertising campaigns or PR consultants. In fact, you’ll find that some of the best advertising campaigns are more about building trust in a brand than selling any products or services.

A large part of any business’s success is the trust it establishes with its customers. Trust is a crucial requirement in sustaining any productive relationship. Think of your favourite restaurant for a moment. For some reason, it is your favourite. Why? Is it the atmosphere? The interior design? The amazing food? Customer service? The lighting?. It is bound to be a culmination of all of these, but underlying all of that is trust. You have established a trust in the restaurant. Quality, consistency, reliability, continued satisfied results, authenticity, transparency, are a few among many things that help to build trust.

Trust is something that takes effort to build. So when it comes to the online world, we can use video to develop trust faster than other medium because of the multifaceted nature of video. We can portray almost anything in a video and by playing with attributes such as transparency and authenticity, we can connect with the viewer on a personal and emotional level. Video promotes trust but it has to be maintained throughout every aspect of a company.

So how does video build trust? It has many aspects to it. By creating meaningful and thought-provoking content, you are connecting with the viewer on a personal level. Videos tell stories. The stories representing your company are what set you apart from competition. Videos can show aspects of your company that the viewer would not otherwise see.

[testimonial_slider style=”default”][testimonial title=”Testimonial” tab_id=”1455763346858-6″ name=”Jonathan Hinz” quote=”Whether you are a business-to-consumer (B2C), business-to-business (B2B), technology startup or major consumer brand, you are likely struggling with the same challenges: maximising website rankings, generating leads, attracting new prospects, keeping existing customers, improving brand loyalty and boosting conversion rates. While there are countless strategies and technologies to help address these challenges, securing your customers’ trust is an effective way to help address all of them at once.” id=”1455763922406-2″] Click the edit button to add your testimonial. [/testimonial][/testimonial_slider]

This is transparency, which is a strength if used properly in marketing. Videos have a human dimension to them. Consumers want to know how you have changed the lives of an individual and who you are.

The human element of video can instantly and subconsciously create a stronger connection with the viewer than any amount of text on a webpage or than a newspaper ad can.

3) Video portrays personality

Are you struggling to find a way to show your brand’s personality in your marketing? Video has got you covered.

A video can draw any emotion out of an audience. It can portray personality in an instant, and this is the element we love to take advantage of in our videos. Within a short video clip (often as short as 30 seconds) the viewer can be brought to tears, laughter and any other emotion. That is the power of video and a reason why video helps to portray brand personality.

[testimonial_slider style=”default”][testimonial title=”Testimonial” tab_id=”1455763346858-6″ name=”Andrew Angus” quote=”When you think of the most prevalent brands, you don’t just think of the products they create. Rather, you connect a particular type of lifestyle that goes along with that brand. Successful branding is as much about ideas, lifestyle, and personality as it is about the actual products. An article in Forbes refers to this as a “promise.” Delivering the promise begins as soon as you make a purchase from, let’s say, Coca-Cola or McDonald’s. With prior connection to their brand and sense of belonging to their lifestyle, you know the company will deliver on your expectations. Branding is vital because consumers tend to purchase things that reflect their own personal brand. However, you don’t need to have the brand recognition of Coca-Cola to incorporate personality into your marketing strategy. It’s just as important for small businesses to develop a personality-based brand so that customers will want to identify with it.” id=”1455764356347-5″] Click the edit button to add your testimonial. [/testimonial][/testimonial_slider]

Video is also the best place to show off creativity and grab your audience’s attention. With clever use of imagery, music, and scripting, companies can really demonstrate how they connect with like-minded consumers.

For businesses that are trying to represent their brand using specific images or colors, video can easily be adapted to include these attributes.

Using animation as a medium, you can quickly create multiple videos with a uniform style. Viewers will come away from the experience knowing something about your products, but also with an idea of what your company’s culture is like, and this is what will really make you stand out.

All in all, portraying the personality of your brand is more easily achieved with video. It is not the only method, but is certainly the most powerful tool.

4) Video encourages engagement

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At the end of the day, a marketing campaign exists to result in increased leads and stronger engagement with the company, or product. The best brands today have teams dedicated to customer communications, or PR. These teams spend time and money engaging with their customers online through social media and other platforms.

By posting videos online, you give your customers that opportunity to engage with your brand and cultivate community. However, a lot of the time, times videos are not marketed effectively and fade into the background behind the plethora of other initiatives. So behind your video, there needs to be a concrete marketing strategy, which is a conversation for another time.

[testimonial_slider style=”default”][testimonial title=”Testimonial” tab_id=”1455763346858-6″ name=”Tamar Weinberg” quote=”In today’s society, the personal connection that a brand can make with a consumer is crucial. Consumers are tired of being placed purely on the receiving end of information and want a chance to give feedback and get involved in brand identity.” id=”1455764507324-5″] Click the edit button to add your testimonial. [/testimonial][/testimonial_slider]

Almost every video on Youtube has a ‘comments’ section that is riddled with personal opinions of viewers. These are fascinating to study and a lot could be said about them, but the key take home message is this; offering customers the opportunity to engage with your brand, in the form of feedback/comments on videos is greatly empowering for them. That freedom of speech will no doubt reap some negativity but the positive responses will be from loyal customers that feel encouraged, enriched, or empowered by your brand or service.

[testimonial_slider style=”default”][testimonial title=”Testimonial” tab_id=”1455763346858-6″ name=”Erika Maguire” quote=”With the rise of mobile and social technologies, customers are now more powerful than ever. Their always-connected status and ability to find information in seconds puts them in control of their own experience, and this trend has forced marketers to rethink how they engage and connect with their customers. In order to survive today’s ever-changing landscape, businesses need to provide real-time, personalised experiences that reach customers just as they need them…. By promoting relevant and consistent communication throughout the customer experience, businesses have an opportunity to engage with their audiences like never before” subtitle=”Forbes” id=”1455764562406-7″] Click the edit button to add your testimonial. [/testimonial][/testimonial_slider]

Customer engagement is a huge topic on its own, but we know video is a great tool to kickstart that engagement and strengthen it over time. In business, nothing is ever a one stop shop solution and that applies to video also.

The benefits of video can’t be denied!

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