Targeting your customers and potential customers is a lot easier now then it has ever been. There are also many more potential places they can be thanks to social media.

A lot of business look at social media as a necessary evil, but don’t spend much energy on utilizing this medium. Social Media puts you in the home of your customers and potential customers like no other media. It reaches more people, and when they’re focused on their device. Content is king on social media, so plan it and execute it well.

Let’s look at a few of the main Social media sites and how you can use them to better your brand and grow your business.

As part of creating a Social Media Strategy for your business, it’s important to understand your audience. Check out our article on creating an audience persona.

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It’s pretty hard not to know much about this one, everyone and their dog has a Facebook profile. So how can you as a business use Facebook, and use it well? Here are a few key points to consider.

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Creating a Facebook Page

  1. Facebook is a great place for users to ‘like’ your page and interact with your brand, engage with your content, claim offers, find out about events and even ask for support. They can also complain, but we’ll talk about creating a Risk/Crisis Plan for your Social Media another time.
  2. “I’ve setup a profile for my business, why do I need to create a page?”
    Well, profiles are for people, and you’re at risk of having that profile removed for violating Facebook’s terms. Also, you’re missing out on the great tools and features provided to Facebook Pages. Never fear if you’ve done this, Facebook have created an easy way to transfer a ‘Personal profile’ to a Page. (
  • Facebook offers some of the most defined and targeted advertising in both the digital space, and in advertising in general.
  • Facebook makes some use of Hashtags (#hashtag) similar to other social media sites.
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“I’m using @yourbands products #bestbrand”

Even though twitter has been getting a bit of a bad rap lately, it’s still a great tool for businesses to interact with customers.Twitter is not a necessity for all brands, but it is still worth having a presence on the site and monitoring your account. For customers who use twitter, it is often their first port of call to ask your brand a question, rave about your brand, or make a complaint. So monitor that, get notifications and interact with your customers in short, quick conversations.

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“Here’s a selfie of me using @yourbrands products #bestbrand #nofilter #probablyafilter”

Instagram is possible on the of the most under utilised social media sites for small businesses. It’s a great way to share great content, that engages people more. You can share images and short 15” videos with your customers and interact with them in a few ways.

Instagram has far less distractions than other social media and is a great way to showcase your products, your customers using your products and behind the scenes at your business.

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“I’ve got great skills and would love to work for your business”

Referred to as the “Professional network,” Linkedin is a often not even considered as a tool for many businesses. However, it can be a great way for your senior & sales staff to find great networking opportunities. It’s also a great chance to showcase your business as one that is well worth working for. It’s not always easy to find great talent, and Linkedin provides great ways for them to find you!

Those are the 4 key Social Media every business should have some presence on. We’ve also got a list of a few others that may fit well within your business. Keep in mind your audience, and how they would best interact with your brand.

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“Here are some collections of cool things I’ve found”


“View my short, self destructing selfie”


“Here is playlist of music to listen to while using our product”

Need help getting started on Social Media? or want to create a strategy to take your brand and online presence to the next level?

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“Watch this looping six-second clip I created #funny”


“Read my short blog post, it probably has GIFs and lots of memes.”


“I’m so lonely here… Anyone want to hang out?”