Image and Photography


Images speak louder


Photography adds tremendously value towards a business or individuals brand. The quality of your imagery will reflect who you are so make sure it is with quality and professionalism.


Lamp Studios will not compromise on quality when it comes to imagery, because we know the value it brings to our clients.

What we do


  • Studio and Location Shooting
  • Colour Correcting
  • Image Manipulation
  • Photo Styles
  • Digital Post Production
  • Digital File Transfer
  • Staff and Portrait Photography

Portrait & Headshot Photography

Getting the perfect headshot is a challenge. Most people find it really uncomfortable to be in front of the camera. We talk you through our process and make you at ease with us so you can be confident and natural when you get your portrait or headshot photo.

Landscape and Environmental

Environmental photography is great for your brand and image. It shows your potential customers the atmosphere and feel of your location and culture. We push creative boundaries to make landscape and location environments look engaging boosting your presence online.

Product Photography

Product photography is essential especially for your advertising. People are influenced by the quality of the photo, and if it is poor the likely hood of a customer not giving a second glance is high. Instead why not wow your audience by superb product imagery.

Food Photography

Food photography is not to be underestimated. The quality of your brand depends heavily on the aesthetic of your food photography. We like to get creative in taking food photography and supplement this by additional props to give it the environment it deserves.

Let’s Craft Beautiful Stories Together