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Hey! Welcome to our place in the world. See below for our T’s & C’s and pricing.
Join the digital hub here at Lamp Studios.

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Some Details

What you will get

You will get a work space, Ultra Fast Fibre internet, power for computer equipment, tea and coffee facilities and the use of kitchen facilities and toilet facilities. A boardroom is also available for client meetings, discussions etc. A key will be provided to you for access into and out from the building premises.

Who this is for

This is perfect for freelances, remote positions or start-up businesses who are wanting a collaborative, creative space to operate in.

Maximum Occupancy

The maximum tenant occupancy is 3 people, so hurry on board.
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Photos of the space

Terms and Conditions

Time Contract

There is a minimum of a 3 month contract that must be adhered to in renting a space at Lamp Studios. You can increase this from 3 months. You will be required to sign a contract provided by us adhering to this timeframe.


The Studio Space will stay branded as Lamp Studios. There is no option of installing any other business branding. If there is enough tenants within the space there is opportunity for negotiation of collective branding for the studio space.

Gear usage

Lamp Studios does not offer it’s business gear usage. This is only insured for Lamp Studios ltd employees and cannot be released to any other members.


Lamp Studios will hold no obligation for your insurance. You must contact your insurance provider to have business, personal and tenancy insurance to cover the data and belongings of yourself and others in the case of a fire or unfortunate event.


Excessive noise that interferes with individuals workflow is not permitted in the studio. Music will be required to be tasteful and suitable for a studio environment.


Heating is not provided at this stage. Tenants will have to arrange their own heating on the terms that they pay for a negotiated price of power usage.

Opening Hours

Hours of operation must be within 8am – 5pm. If you would like to come in at other times this will have to be pre arranged. This is a security measure to make sure all aspects of the digital space is safe.

Backup data and storage

You the tenant will be responsible for your own local and remote data backup/s. Lamp Studios holds no responsibility of any loss of your data.


There is no designated parking. Tenants are responsible for their own parking. Lamp Studios is not responsible for charges that may incur on tenants that may receive a fine for illegal parking.

Smoke, alcohol and drug free

Under no circumstances is there to be any smoking, consumption of alcohol or drug use within the building. This will be grounds for instant dismissal.


The studio must remain clean and tidy throughout business operation. This includes kitchen, toilet and studio facilities. All members must dispose of rubbish hygienically and tidily.

Lamp Studios Directors Authorship

The directors at Lamp Studios have the right to approve whomever they desire to be apart of the digital hub.


There will be a $300.00 (incl gst) bond required after the tenancy agreement signing.


The weekly rent for being apart of our studio is $75.00 + gst per week per person.

This includes the space, internet and power for the tenants workstation. Any additional equipment that will be used e.g. heater will be negotiated and therefore charged additional. There is a minimum contract of 3 months. We require 4 weeks notice if the tenant would like to cancel the contract, in which the tenant will receive the bond back after the 4 weeks notice on the condition that no damages have been left from the tenant.


The bond required upon agreement signing is 1 months bond ($300 + gst). This will be reimbursed once the tenant leaves on the condition that no damage have been incurred to the studio space and there is no outstanding fees/payments.

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